COVID Response

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Hospitality Lab has a pandemic response that provides a framework to manage the potential implications of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in Victoria. Our pandemic response details critical functions, current strategies, roles, responsibilities as well as effective responses and contains a series of checklists to prompt key decision making within our organisation. It identifies the strategies and actions to achieve staff and customer safety as well as business continuity, and is an agile document noting that the risk associated with this specific event is not static. The pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation and Hospitality Lab will continue to monitor and revise its plan based on the advice received from the Commonwealth and State Government, the Department of Health and our own internal consultants. It has goals identified, that will frame and help shape responses as the situation changes. Our overriding objective is to continue delivering services to all our customers, while ensuring the wellbeing, safety and security of everyone we come into contact with. We will do this responsibly and in accordance with the recommendations of the Commonwealth and State Governments as well as the best health advice. The pandemic response will necessitate changes to our service offerings and the delivery of our goods and our projects. While the extent of these impacts are impossible to accurately predict, our commitment is to communicate effectively, provide leadership and support our staff, suppliers, contractors, customers and our community in this challenging and unprecedented event.